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19.05.2014 16:00

We invite everybody to visit our exhibition place No.2026

We invite everybody who has interest in our Company to visit our exhibition place No.2026.
In case of any direct questions or enquiries you can address them to our Branch Director Mr.Hans Luijnenburg or any other staff who will be present there during the whole duration of the exhibition. You can get acquainted with what we want to represent at the exhibition and how we can be useful for your company based on brochures, pictures describing the progress of different projects executed in the Caspian region including Baku/ Azerbaijan.

Van Oord is a leading international contractor specializing in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind). We are an innovative partner for our Clients and, for over hundred years, have been helping to create the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. Van Oord is a Dutch-based, independent family business, which is characterized by visible leadership, long-term vision and a sound financial position.

First activities of Van Oord started in the Caspian Region in the year 2005. Our main Regional Office for Caspian region currently is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. We also have a representative permanent offices in Ashgabat - Turkmenistan and Aktau Kazakhstan. With respect to the Russian part of the Caspian Region we have offices in Astrakhan, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Van Oord is specialised in dredging works, our activities range from construction & maintenance of ports; land reclamation; construction of artificial islands, beach nourishment, coastal protection constructions and many more activities directly related to marine construction works. For the offshore industry (oil & gas exploration and production), Van Oord are the Contractors to build the Marine Infrastructure so badly needed for the future in this rapidly developing Industry. Pipeline trenching and backfilling including pipeline landfall installation works, seabed preparation for rig positions, platform installation and pipeline protection by means of rock placement are all part of our core business activities.

Our Clients and business partners can rely on Van Oord to come up with smart and innovative solutions to the challenges they face in marine environments. We are driven by our passion for water and technology and applying our ingenuity to achieve the best. We believe it is important to innovate and partner with our Clients, both during tendering stage and during project execution. In all tendering procedures and Projects to be carried out, we investigate ways of completing the project better, faster and at lower cost. Our center of excellence is our international Engineering Department, which combines the necessary high-quality expert knowledge of design, construction, environment and research.

In the most recent year 2013 Van Oord was involved in the following Projects:

- Baku New International sea Trade port Complex in Alat.
- Crescent Hotel Reclamation Works, Centre Town of Baku.
- Baku Shipyard LLC Dockpit, Quaywall dredging.
- ATA Yard Removal of objects and deepening approach channel, Baku.
- Filanovsky Dredging and backfilling of pipeline trenches for Lukoil in Russia.
- Kyianly Supply Base Dredging Works for Petronas in Turkmenistan.

Branch Director Hans Luijnenburg

Head Office in Baku, Azerbaijan, Caspian Plaza 1, 7th Floor
J. Jabbarli 44,Baku, AZ 1065

Telephone +994 12 436 77 13

Fax: +994 12 436 77 12

Email :

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