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01.05.2014 19:11

Caspian Oil & Gas - celebration of oil strategy of Azerbaijan

On June 3-6 Baku will host the 21st largest event of the energy sector of the Caspian region - Caspian oil and gas Exhibition and Conference (Caspian Oil & Gas 2014). The international exhibition company ITE Group PLC and its local partner company Iteca Caspian are the organizers

of the exhibition and conference. The Iteca Caspian LLC is annually organizing over 20 exhibitions and conference in Azerbaijan and Georgia. The portfolio of exhibitions organized by the company includes oil and gas, construction, telecommunication and information technologies, safety and security, food industry, agriculture, transport, healthcare, beauty and health, travelling and tourism, industry of hospitality, education and career, ecology. Owing to its informative richness, color and diversity, Caspian Oil & Gas, one of the major exhibitions and conferences of the region, has traditionally been in the center of attention of oil-gas industry leaders and has become a main industrial forum from the standpoint of its significance. Here, noteworthy is also the role of the fact that Caspian Oil & Gas is annually bringing together global leading specialists and leaders of the oil industry for demonstrating advanced technologies in the field of oil-gas production and refining, transportation and logistics, and maintenance services.

The first Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition was held in 1994 on the threshold of the milestone event that took place in the energy sector. In September of the same year the Contract of the Century which determined basic directions of broadscale development of hydrocarbons resources of the Caspian basin and opened a new epoch in history of the oil sector of the Republic of Azerbaijan, was signed. After the commencement of implementation of this grandiose project, Azerbaijan, led by Nationwide Leader Heydar Aliyev, became a symbol of global cooperation for many world countries and companies. The Contract of the Century was not only the first agreement in the whole Caspian region but also a prime example of successful cooperation of Azerbaijan with big foreign investors. This event predetermined major directions of broad-scale development of hydrocarbon resources of the Caspian Sea and paved a way to a new epoch in the oil-gas production history of Azerbaijan.

At that period no one was able to assess the importance of the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition for Azerbaijan better than Heydar Aliyev who supported the initiative ofconduction of the first specialized oil-gas exhibition in Azerbaijan as he considered it a “good platform for attracting global oil-gas companies to develop oil-gas sector of the country”. Since then Caspian

Oil & Gas has been a place for meeting of leading professionals representing oil, gas and energy fields as well as signing of memorandums, agreements and contracts for further cooperation. The Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) have been lending inestimable support to the Caspian Oil & Gas throughout all years of its conduction. The exhibition switched to a new level of development after Ilham Aliyev was elected President in 2003. If the exhibition and conference focused attention only on development of oil-gas industry initially, now it covers such areas as oil refining, petrochemistry, other related and auxiliary industries. Addressing the solemn opening ceremony of the 20th exhibition, Ilham Aliyev congratulated participants, guests and organizers on the significant jubilee. “Over 20 years Azerbaijan has overcome a long way and gained successes in the energy sector”, the head of state said and emphasized that it is hard to overestimate the importance of the exhibition amid the development of the oilgas industry of Azerbaijan. “Naming the agreement, signed in 1994, the Contract of the Century was not by coincidence. Nowadays we may also call it the contract of the two centuries because the agreement on “Azeri-Chyrag-Guneshli” fields is still significant nowadays… In this regard, we must note another important merit of the Caspian Oil and Gas which managed to embody realities of the two centuries in its expositions and became a symbol of historical transformations of the country”, the head of state noted. Over the years of its operation, the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition and conference became a visiting card for  chievements of the oil sector of the region as well as a platform for setting of business relations and new perspectives aimed at mutual cooperation. The number of participants which is growing year by year indicates that the project not only has maintained its significance after passing of over 20 years but also keeps earning more popularity. The exhibition keeps maintaining the status of the business-forum where companies demonstrate special presentation of new products and new projects. As a leading event of the energy sector and important platform for discussion of significant oil-gas industry issues of the whole region, Caspian Oil & Gas annually brings together leading specialists and leaders of the oil industry. There are participants of the Contract of the Century as well as permanent participants of the exhibition and conference: State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), BP, Statoil, OMV, Total, Petkim, TPAO, RWE and many others.

The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) has been a general sponsor of Caspian Oil & Gas 2014 for the second year in a row. BP Azerbaijan and Baker Hughes are golden sponsors of the event. Nobel Oil LTD and Caspian Drilling Company are silver sponsors. Ballast pieplines SVAP is a bronze sponsor. Azfen J.V., Azeri MI Drilling Fluids, Bos Shelf, RussNeft, Caspian Marine Services, Tek-Tekfen Construction and İnstallation Co., INC, SNF VOSTOK are also among sponsors of the exhibition. Toyota is an official automobile of the exhibition to be held this year. For the second year in a row partners on Azeri-Chyrag-Guneshli (ACG), Baku- Tbilisi-Ceyhan (BTC), Shah Deniz and South-Caucasus pipeline (SCP) will hold an event under the “Meet the buyer” slogan within the framework of the exhibition. The event will be attended by local companies dealing in operational sphere, engineering work, construction, material and technical support, collection and elimination of wastes, provision of different business services, etc. Caspian Energy International Media Group is a general media-partner of exhibition and conference. Despite a solid period of conduction, traditional Caspian Oil & Gas conference, which accompanies the exhibition every year, is still relevant. Over 500 delegates are expected to attend the conference to be held on June 4-5. Over 50 leading players of the oil-gas industry are expected to address the event this year. The jubilee of the historical event, signing of the Contract of the Century, will be the major topic of the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition and conference. The subjects of the conference are “Ensuring sustainable development of big oil and gas projects: gas pricing and long-term contracts” ,“Diversification of oil and gas transportation from the Caspian region, International cooperation for securing production growth and diversification of supplies”, “Geological exploration and potential of growth of the hydrocarbon resource base of Azerbaijan, “Role of Azerbaijan in securing energy supplies, Enhancement of standards of ecological and environmental security of Eurasia, Review of petrochemistry and oil refining in Azerbaijan as well as prospects of development”, etc. International cooperation for securing growth of production and diversification of supplies, innovations in construction of offshore platforms, drilling machines and offshore pipelines, new projects concerning extractive industry and transportation of oilgas resources in the Caspian region will be broadly discussed at the conference. Full information about the conference is available at www.oilgasconference. az. The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR) is a general sponsor of the conference. BP Azerbaijan and Baker Hughes are golden sponsors. RWE is a silver sponsor of the event. Other sponsors are Caspian Geophysical JV, Conoco Phillips, Cross Caspian Oil and Gas Logistics, Inpex, Nobel Oil., Ballast pipelines SVAP, Statoil, Dentons, TAP, Total, Shlumberger Logel co inc. Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) are the official airways of the conference. Thus, the exhibition and conference offer almost unlimited opportunities for business cooperation and professional communication. In the Year of Industry, announced by President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the exhibition and conference will certainly give an additional incentive to development of traditional industry sectors of the country. Immense flow of information, experience and innovative technologies that the Caspian Oil & Gas exhibition and conference is to bring in will once again create an information ground promoting investment activity in Azerbaijan.

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